Aquisições #6: THE MYTH HUNTERS, de Christopher Golden

mythhPrimeiro volume da trilogia The Veil (composta também pelas obras THE BORDERKIND e THE LOST ONES), THE MYTH HUNTERS, escrito por Christopher Golden, é uma história onde os mitos e superstições ganham vida. Leitura intensa a ser iniciada brevemente.

Aqui têm a sinopse: «Yielding to his father’s wishes, Oliver Bascombe abandoned his dream of being an actor and joined the family law firm. Now he will marry a lovely young woman bearing the Bascombe stamp of approval. But on the eve of his wedding, a blizzard sweeps in — bringing with it an icy legend who calls into question everything Oliver believes about the world and his place in it…

Pursued by a murderous creature who heeds no boundaries, Jack Frost needs Oliver’s help to save both himself and his world — an alternate reality slowly being displaced by our own. To help him, Oliver Bascombe, attorney-at-law, will have to become Oliver Bascombe, adventurer, hero — and hunter. So begins a magnificent journey where he straddles two realities . . . and where, even amid danger, Oliver finds freedom for the very first time.»

Podem ler o primeiro capítulo aqui.


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