Aquisições #5: AN EXPERT IN MURDER, de Nicola Upson

NU_anexpertinmudrer_englishAN EXPERT IN MURDER, de Nicola Upson, foi mais uma de muitas aquisições recentes, embora não seja uma nova leitura. Já o li há tempos e acho que gostei. Acho. Para ser sincero, não me lembro. A razão pela qual o encomendei é a mais comum nestes casos: emprestei-o a alguém, não me recordo quem, e esse alguém deve ter-se esquecido também. Enfim…

Eis a sinopse: «An Expert in Murder is the first in a new series which features crime writer Josephine Tey as its lead character.

It’s March, 1934, and Tey is travelling from Scotland to London for the final week of her celebrated play, Richard of Bordeaux – but joy turns to horror when her arrival coincides with murder.

Detective Inspector Archie Penrose is convinced that the killing is connected to the play. Richard of Bordeaux has been the surprise hit of the season, with pacifist themes which strike a chord in a world still haunted by war, but now it seems that Josephine Tey could become the victim of her own success, as her reputation – and even her life – are put at risk.

A second murder confirms Penrose’s suspicions that somewhere amongst this flamboyant theatre set is a ruthless and spiteful killer. As his investigations lead him from the romance of the West End to the stark reality of the trenches, he and Tey must confront their own ghosts in a search for someone who will stop at nothing to right the wrongs of a past generation

Cleverly blending elements of the Golden Age author’s real life with a fictional murder mystery, An Expert in Murder is both a tribute to one of the most enduringly popular writers of crime and a richly atmospheric detective novel in its own right.»

Embora com uma década de diferença, faz-me lembrar as histórias de Kerry Greenwood e da sua Miss Fisher.


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